Winter Awakening is a yearly non AA sanctioned retreat where LGBTQIA+ and friends in recovery can come together to explore and review their recovery, spirituality and support each other.   

For the past few years, we have met at The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center, but due to COVID restrictions Winter Awakening will be a virtual event this year.  Join us January 29 - 31, 2021 for the online event.  Registration is now closed!  See you online and let us bring the Mountain to you!


Winter Awakening 2021

"Let Go and Let God"

January 29 - 31, 2021

Winter Awakening is an annual retreat where LGBTQIA+ and our allies in recovery can come together to examine and explore their recovery and spirituality in an atmosphere of mutual support. Workshops, activities, and fellowship are based on the Eleventh Step of traditional 12-Step Programs like AA or NA (although Winter Awakening is not held under the auspices of either).    


In what we believe to be serene acceptance of the limitations posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Winter Awakening will be held virtually in 2021, rather than its familiar home at The Mountain Retreat & Learning Center in Highlands, NC. Our hope for all participants remains unchanged: that you carry what you discover with you, finding applications for it year-round. In our minds, and with the assistance of our laptops and phones, let us bring The Mountain to you!



Registration is now closed!  There will not be a charge to attend the event this year, but registration and a mailing address will be required.  Due to online restrictions, there is only space for 90 participants so register by January 15th to ensure your spot at the virtual retreat.  Make sure to include your mailing address as we will be sending you something in the mail prior to the event weekend.  Register today and allow us to bring The Mountain to you.



Spirituality in recovery can mean many things to many people.  Winter Awakening invites you to explore your own spirituality and figure out what works for you.  We host a workshop yearly to help you explore and share your experiences about your Higher Power.  Meditation can be a good way to connect to your inner spirit and we host guided mediations at the retreat.